Marriage Advice: How to Make Your Spouse Love You Forever

Article Author: Ernest Quansah

Two of the most significant pieces of marriage advice that I can offer are very simple and yet they are the most effective in keeping lovers and couples together. Despite the relationship problems and marriage problems that many people are faced with, couples can make their significant other love them forever. And it is easy. In fact, there are two simple pieces of marriage advice you can follow to make your significant other love you forever. Many people go into a love relationship thinking that they need to do something spectacular or give their loved one expensive gifts to make their love relationship blossom. But the smallest and simplest acts make all the difference. In all love relationships, there are a number of small things you can do that will make your companion love you eternally. My recommendation is to “keep it simple.”

Marriage Advice number one: Greeting your companion at the door when he or she arrives home. Several years ago, a woman who was married to a very wealthy man in the U.S. found herself in a most disheartening position that would cause most married women to turn bitter and angry. One day, her multi-millionaire spouse asked her, “What do you do all day, anyway?” This simple question was the beginning of the end of their marriage. Within weeks, he had filed for divorce.

To prevent the woman from benefiting financially from the divorce, during the litigation, her rich husband’s lawyers descended upon her like wild animals and she dared not mount a challenge—perhaps that was the way the heavens had planned it so that she would be led into the arms of the right man, who would cherish her and make her happy.

After the divorce and lawyer’s fees, the woman ended up with six thousand five hundred dollars and her car. For three months, she slept in the back seat of her car. Imagine that. You may ask how something like this could have happened. The answer will surprise you. Statistics show that the more powerful a man is—where a man’s power is his money—the more likely he is to employ a skilled barrister; hence, he is able to retain most of his wealth after the divorce, according to one study conducted in North America by a researcher from the UK.

Continuing on with the story, one day the woman met a gentleman. He was slightly heavyset and balding. After she got to know him, she liked his personality and, of course, he was taken by her beauty. They started a romantic relationship which resulted in marriage. Each evening her new man arrived home before her. When she arrived home from work, he would always greet her at the door. There would be dinner waiting for both of them. Some nights he would rub her feet while they sat on the couch watching TV. When you are watching a show with your significant other, do you become so absorbed in the show that you ask your significant other to be quiet? That behaviour could damage the relationship. In this particular lady’s own words, “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” This was a comparison between her new husband and her ex-husband, who was one of the richest men in the U.S. at that time.

What did her new man do to command her love? He did the simple things that mean a lot. If I may explain it this way: You are home. You hear your significant other’s car pull into the driveway. Next you hear keys being inserted into the front door lock. You do nothing but go on with what you are doing: in this case, let’s say, watching television. Your companion comes into the house. You turn to greet him or her. Your companion sees you watching a show and snacking. Can you see how you may come across, as though a show on TV is far more important to you than the person whom you are supposed to love with all your heart?

Marriage Advice number two: Way back in 1992 while I was in Asia, I knew an American couple. They had been married for forty-five years. I still recall those two as if I met them yesterday. The wife told me something that her husband had done. As she began to share the experience, her face lit up. I knew then, that whatever it was that her husband had done must have left her with a lasting positive impression. Apparently, before bedtime, her husband would leave little notes under the pillow on her side of the bed. Other times, when she would wake up and go to the washroom, she would see a love note posted on the washroom mirror. Other days, a note was left on the fridge door.

These simple acts cost you no money and they can make all the difference; they calm the turbulence and the whirlwinds that could occur in your marriage.

If you are in a love relationship or a marriage and you know your spouse or common-law companion will usually go into the shower before you or likes to wake up to have a glass of milk in the middle of the night, leave a note somewhere he or she will see it. What should the note say? Imagine! You have just woken up at 2 AM to have a glass of milk. You see a note on the fridge door handle saying,” I love you” or “It is a blessing to have a man/woman like you in my life” or “You are the world’s greatest wife/husband.” Can you see how these simple acts will make your significant other feel?

Try these simple pieces of marriage advice and you will make your spouse love you forever.