Interracial Dating Tips

Article Author: Ernest Quansah

Most people will find love within their own race or culture. But not every man or woman will. Remember, you have a product to sell—you! It is in your best interest to make your product available to everyone, not just certain people. As I have said before, just because you are of a certain race does not mean the only people who could love you will be of the same race. This is even more so now that the world, through the Internet, has become much, much smaller and people are beginning to notice the beauty in others besides those of their own race or culture. Leave no stone unturned! I can assure you that dating men or women from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds will greatly improve your chances of finding true love, especially if you find yourself attracted to a race other than your own. Being attracted to another race is a sign that you should consider dating someone from that race.
Before becoming involved, learn about the other person’s culture. Use what you have learned as conversation points on the first date. People will usually make a decision about you on the first date. Be very careful what you say on that first date when it is with someone from another culture. For example, when you are on a date with a Chinese man or woman, don’t ask if, in their culture, they have money gods that they worship. Just because you saw some individual on T.V in a particular environment and with particular habits, it does not mean all people from that nation live the same way. You’ll look stupid if you assume they do. Don’t ask your date, “Do people in your culture really do this or that?” Ask your date, “Could you tell me a little about your culture?” Also, prior to the first date, it is a good idea for you to send an e-mail asking your date if there is any behaviour that, in his or her culture, is not acceptable on a date.


Interracial dating tips:

  • In some Asian cultures, when a man is meeting the woman at a restaurant, it is quite acceptable for the woman to be up to forty minutes late and the man must wait. As far as some of those cultures are concerned, it shows that the man cares.


  • In North America, if you are going to be late on a date, it is expected that you call to inform of the delay.


  • If you are on a date with a Japanese woman for the first time and you compliment her beauty, she may accuse you of asking her on a date because of her looks. Instead, tell her that she is a good woman and discuss the character or personality traits that you like or admire about her, and she will be pleased.


  • Japanese women always wait after they are dropped off after a date by the man until he leaves. If you don’t know that, you might wait for her, thinking she will go into her house, while at the same time, she will wait outside for you to leave first. Knowing these small cultural norms shows that you care enough about the other person to learn something about his or her race, culture, and customs. Make a good impression or you might not have a second chance because Japanese women generally make quick decisions.


  • Did you know that Persians, on average, are far more academically educated than, say, North Americans? The women are some of the most educated and intelligent women one could ever meet. They often look you straight in the eye and pick your brain, so you better sharpen your thinking skills. They don’t believe in making a decision about a man after only a few dates, like North American or Japanese woman do. If they are interested, they generally wait and make their decision based on an accumulation of good or positive qualities they notice in the man. Consistently treat a Persian woman well and she will grow fond of you. Perhaps, the reasons for which a Persian woman selects a non-Persian man are psychological, because they are often not treated well by their own men.


  • If you are dating a black, realize that he or she does not necessarily know how to sing or do any of the things you might think blacks are good at. Remember the folly of putting too much credence into stereotypes.


  • Lastly, as I said above, learn things about the other person’s culture that will prevent your relationship from ending unnecessarily. For example, in Taiwanese, as well as Vietnamese cultures, when a woman becomes a little frustrated about telling the man something that does not make sense to the man, the woman will ask him, “Are you stupid? Are you stupid?” According to people I interviewed from that culture, it is just the way they express and is not considered a criticism. Suppose you are not from that culture and are dating a woman from that race, and one day she asks you if you are stupid over something minor, and you don’t know about that customary manner, will you feel insulted? Probably.


The points I have given above are just general information. You should not assume that everyone of a certain race or culture will act in the manner I have described. Geographic location and other factors can greatly affect how men and women behave in an interracial relationship. For example, a black woman born and raised in Mauritius who migrates to Europe will usually conduct her love relationship with a European man differently than, say, a black woman born and raised in the U.S. whose parents emigrated from Mauritius.

Historically, despite the strict rules imposed on females in their cultures, women are more likely to date outside their own race than men. In many cultures—e.g., Chinese, Japanese, and Korean—interracial relationships were forbidden but are now slowly being accepted. The Middle Eastern cultures are still a little behind the times in this area. Be aware of that. Sometimes, the issue is not the person’s feelings that prevent them from entering a relationship with a person from another culture, but rather, their religious belief system. For example, Hindus and Punjabis generally don’t consider Persian Muslims for relationship. Similarly, a Buddhist will often not believe in having a relationship with a Christian. Respect people’s cultures and beliefs, even if you don’t agree with or accept everything they do or believe.


Is it always a good idea to be willing to go into an interracial relationship? No, not always.