Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship

If someone tells you “I love you” how do you know that you are not being told what you want to hear? How often do people say that they are engaged, just to see it all fall part? In an ever-changing world where a compliment can easily be seen as sexual harassment, do you know how to negotiate your way through dating to finding your true love? If you are dating a single parent, do you know what to do to get him or her to trust you?  We can help you strengthen your current love relationship and teach you how to make your love relationships blossom. We can also help you to heal from an abusive relationship and even show you how to avoid toxic relationships.

In a five-year survey we conducted, 100% of respondents said they still believe in true love and many said they would like to find it if they only knew how? How about you? Our book has been reviewed and rated as ground-breaking by one of Amazon’s top book reviewers.

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We offer dating- and love-relationship consultations. We have successfully coached both men and women from dating to marriage and who are still happily married 15 years later. Your consultations with us are confidential and no records are kept.

Areas we can specialize in:

  • Dating advice
  • Pre-marital advice
  • Strengthening your love relationship
  • Healing from an abusive relationship
  • Relationship problem-solving
  • How to create a relationship success plan
  • Interracial love relationship advice
  • And any love relationship problem you wish to discuss. If we cannot help, we will let you know.

How to Identify Your Soulmate: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Soulmate was compiled after years of doing research on soulmates. The method for finding a soulmate has not changed and will never change. The aim of the book is to help anyone who wants to find his or her soulmate achieve success. The book explains what a soulmate is and what makes two people soulmates.

The world we live in has become very small. Interracial relationship makes up 9% of all love relationships. Is your soulmate from another race other than you? Learn about interracial relationships from How to Identify Your Soulmate.

Learn to read the signs of who your soulmate is. This book answers any soulmate questions you may have. Those who have used it have reported success produced by the information given.